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CAT#: ULY028
ARTIST: Various Artists
TITLE: Toehunters
DATE: 05/28/2024
FORMAT: Cassette

PRICE: $15


“ULYSSA’s ‘Toe Hunters’ is a tour de force in a Ford Taurus. Another entree into the canon. Welcome to the Fifth World. Hell, maybe even Sixth!.” — Jon Hassell, trumpeter

“Most will say you cannot be polyrhythmic and arhythmic at the same time. And yet, most haven’t attempted to open a coconut with a machete riding a burro through a crowded McDonald’s PlayPlace. So yeah, you could do that. Or you could simply listen to the fried, murky toejazz of OTX and save yourself some blood and tears.” — Jack DeJohnette, percussionist

“The loping bassline of Bla69’s ‘Joy To Life’s’ on their self-titled debut was the inspo for much of my pocketplay on ‘Californication.’ A simple plodding bass riff can open up a netherworld for other players to shapeshift within. Bla69’s synthbass taught me that.” — Flea, bassist

“Tangmo’s ‘Another Bag’ is a pure Satanic bliss. Squirrel Nut Zippers caught in a computer duster thought loop, crawling into their own Malkovich Portal. Sand worm music, if you ask me.” — Wayne Horovitz, keyboardist

“The only motherfuckers I fucked with in [19]91, [19]92 was Toejam and Earl. And goddamn if I don’t got the dialysis bills and studio bills to prove it. Legends for real, God rest they souls. Also, fuck ‘em both for real…the fucking genius bastards. Toejazz headass genius bitches. I’ll see ‘em in Hell and beat they asses. Then we’ll hug it out like family.” — Ralph Towner, guitarist

“Whole lot of fans ask me if I’m actually Darryl Holt. Wish I was, mate. Wish I fookin was.” — Darren J. Cunningham, actress

“I once ran Mario Paint Music Composer through a KAOSS Pad soaked in battery acid. This was back in 1993 or so. Almost did it on a 2xLP ECM thing but got cold feet last minute. Listening now to Jonthony’s ‘Cyberfunk’ I’m glad I didn’t enter the ring. Yeeesh.” — Keith Jarrett, clavichordist

“ULYSSA releases literal goody bags for your earholes and eyeholes alike. I find it frustrating folks ain’t nutting out all four of them holes over this generous offering. This Toejazz shit, I mean FORGET IT. Pungent tangy funk. Too good. I quit.” — André 3000, ambient artist 

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