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CAT#: ULY023
TITLE: Classic Assholes: 2007-2022
DATE: 12/02/2022
FORMAT: Cassette

PRICE: $15

It’s a hit and a miss.
It’s a compilation of your greatest whiffs
And they flash before your eyes —
A bang bang bang
A series of echoes
And then a looooooong silence.
Then, everything’s fine.

BCNC is the 15-year musical project of Brent Bagwell, George Brazil, EO Deines, Michael Houseman, Casey Malone and Bo White. Along the way, BCNC has also included artists like Chris Welz, Ben Kennedy, Nathan Vollmar, CJ Boyd and Kayelani Murillo. A 2xLP of recordings was released in 2010 by North Carolina dance label FrequeNC, but most BCNC material remains in varied, diabolical states of unfinish. ULYSSA collects an abundance of these unpolished gems on ‘Classic Assholes: 2007-2022.’ Consider it a glimpse through the veil. Melodic motifs and lyrical phrases surface over and over across these 20 songs. During a 2008 performance, some toad in the crowd called BCNC “Sunburned Hand of Dave Matthews Band!” One BCNC member yelled back “Go to hell!” while another, flattered, sang “Oh, THANK YOU, friend!” They keep the flat and the flubbed, the bungled and the botched. They keep the blood-gargling falsetto. They keep the off-key cartoon piano. They keep the amphetamine Xmas jams. They flaunt the imperfection and somehow capture a shit-eating grin in audio form. While the group has been mostly dormant over the last several years, one gets the sense that — much like their compositions — BCNC is unfortunately never really quite finished. There is no final form. Cue the napalm. Cue the tigers. Cue the eunuchs and nymphettes dancing all around. Every sound is a fleeting sound. 

BCNC COVER front panel.jpeg
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