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CAT#: ULY019
ARTIST: Duwap Kaine
TITLE: Another Cup In Another Cup
DATE: 07/07/2023
FORMAT: Cassette

PRICE: $15

With the explicit permission of Savannah’s Duwap Kaine himself, ULYSSA proudly presents ‘ANOTHER CUP IN ANOTHER CUP’ an exclusive, limited-run cassette collection from this True American Wildass™ and 21 yr old trap legend. First time these diamonds have ever been pressed into physical media. An onslaught of spiraling, ecstatic Blakeian visions. Hitting the zaza, getting your dick sucked playing Mario Kart. Going crosseyed and snagging a Super Star. Rainbow Road Head. Holy infinity in the palm of your hand and eternity in an hour. The only avant-garde. Our Terry Riley. Our Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan. Our Van Morrison. N 2 Da Mystic. “I put another cup in another cup/Then I put another cup in another cup/Then I tell my big bro you gotta turn me up”. OUR MANTRA. Delivered to us from on high in the depths of the Plandemic. We’d all become phantoms on purposeless dog walks through endless barren midnights. It’s our “Just Keep Swimming”. It’s “Doolang Doolang”. It’s “No Regrets Coyote.” It’s “Skipped the Light Fandango”. It’s “Tone Bone Kone”. Only Love, a sense of humor and a real good mantra can save your little ass now. The Om is in the margins. The Center is at the perimeter. Untamed and outrageous. Output relentless and unparalleled. He will not reason or compare; His business is to create. Staring contest with Kaa. You gotta get low and slither down this endless Escher staircase or you’re gonna get vertigo my guy. Sh-boom sh-boom, life could be a dream sweetheart. Riding with Duwap out here on the night loops. Can’t go over it. Can’t go under it. Can’t go around it. Gotta go THROUGH IT. A stove is a stove no matter where you go. We put another cup in another cup. Then, we put another cup in another cup. Then I tell my big bro You Gotta Turn Me Up. 

DUWAP spraint cover.jpg
DUWAP spraint mockup.jpg
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