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CAT#: ULY018
ARTIST: Various Artists
TITLE: Bitches Toe
DATE: 03/02/2023
FORMAT: Cassette

PRICE: $15

Bitches Toe, the second volume of ULYSSA’s prescient Toejazz series, which seeks to illuminate the latent groundbreaking jazz genre whose major touchstones are Miles Davis’s 1986 masterpiece ’Tutu’ and the soundtrack for the 1991 Sega Genesis game ‘Toejam & Earl,’ is a leap of faith. On Bitches Toe, ULYSSA ventures way out, to the more freeform margins of Toejazz — midi presets pushed to the brink; industrial stampeding synth bass; ADHD compositional feats that feel like passing the acrobatics of a highway patrol sobriety test with flying colors while utterly hammered on brown liquor. Since the release of the first volume, ‘The Shape of Toejazz to Come,’ the genre has begun to percolate in contemporary culture — Lil B’s masterpiece ‘Afrikantis,’ the new work from Kate NV and most recently, the announcement of A Light In The Attic’s vinyl issue of the ‘Hey Arnold! Vol. 1.’ The Toejazz Revolution is nigh, bitches.


TAPE COVER 1400.jpg
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