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CAT#: ULY016
TITLE: Working Together For Our Privacy
DATE: 10/9/2022

FORMAT: Cassette

ULYSSA believes in the End of Ambient Music. Ambient Music must be buried alive, it’s screams dulled by wood and soil.

Diabolical music made in Saskatchewan in The Year 2010 for whoever’s left standing in The Year 2022, Wold’s ‘Working Together For Our Privacy’ was described by label Profound Lore as “the ultimate Wold endurance test.” Black is made of every color. Therefore, a black hole is also a rainbow. Wold’s WTFOP is a shimmering oyster shell abyss. Not for the faint of mind. Through chloroform-soaked gauze, you’re off into that good night — the sounds begin after the hammer claw comes down through skull’s shell. Exploding Head Syndrome Electronic Voice Phenomenon.

This is the funeral march of Ambient Music, its requiem. Wold is the death rattle of Ambient Music sustained for all of eternity (or close!).


Succinctly stated by Wold mastermind/high priest Fortress Crookedjaw upon the original release of WTFOP: “The spies in the wires sparkle through like hoarfrost on machine pumps which distribute unconscious aural chemical reaction. The death machine ejaculates toxins but also provides a psyche sanctuary of sorts, but ultimately the inevitable takes hold. Death is the factor.” As it happens, Wold is also wonderful music for walking your dog through the woods near a quiet lake. Fortress Crookedjaw was sweet enough to offer an extra composition, “Internal Masonic Philter,” for our release, presented here for the first time ever on cassette and digital streaming funeral services.

STREAM: Spotify / Bandcamp / Apple Music

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