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CAT#: ULY012
ARTIST: Various Artists
TITLE: The Shape Of Toejazz To Come
DATE: 05/27/2022

FORMAT: Cassette

In Janauary 2015, I freebased cocaine in the Times Square Dave & Busters with a time traveling musician named Travis DeSecoli. As we passed the hot foily back and forth, he told me many things about the dark future of this once great nation; about my coming divorce; about how I'd be fired from my music industry job by the end of the next week. But he also told me about a burgeoning underground scene of jazz musicians inspired in equal measure by Miles Davis's 1986 new jack cheese triumph 'Tutu' and the soundtrack to ToeJam & Earl, a 1991 Sega Genesis video game based on the titular funky alien rappers who must rebuild their crashed spacecraft in hopes to return to their home planet, Funkotron. He said this scene was vast and would begin its rise to notoriety around 2023. He called it "Toejazz." Travis gave me a foggy, jet printed CDR of his own music, but I lost it in said divorce. Ever since, I've been scouring the depths of every digital service provider hoping for the day Travis might upload his music. While I've yet to find his music, I believe I have uncovered the percolating online community of jazz musicians of which Travis foretold. I believe this is the Shape of Toejazz to Come.

STREAM: Spotify / Bandcamp

ULY012 TOE JAZZ crop 2000.jpg
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