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Little Wings / Goofo


Little Wings is the quarter century musical project of artist Kyle Field. In his comfy-yet-elusive folk songs, Field builds a vivid and personal universe of nomadic surfers and beachfolk; domesticated n’ere-do-wells; and mundane mystics. While Field has never written a song about surfing, its unglamorous and alluring lifestyle has always friscalated at the edges of his songs.

‘GOOFO’ is a field recording made near the beaches of Goleta in Summer 2021. In most of these songs — new, old and reimagined — the endless, endless wild wide ocean is present, the ssshhhhh of crashing waves adding a pleasant-but-not-too-pleasant ambiance. In some songs, Field is completely improvising lyrics and melodies. In others, he’s trying out recent, more solidified compositions. And in others still, he’s pulling from greats like Brothers Wilson, Kenny Rogers and Robert Plant. It’s a magical, diaristic addition to Fields’s ever-slippery, always-gritty oeuvre. ‘GOOFO’ contains some of the most intimate moments in Little Wings’ already rather intimate catalogue. These are the sounds of the beach you do not know. Welcome to Kyle’s room.


releases November 22, 2021


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