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ULYSSA Presents: 40% Foda/Maneiríssimo


Musicians Gabriel Pessoa Guerra Calavanti and Lucas Andrade Ramos Caramuru De Paiva started their label 40% Foda/Maneiríssimo (English translation: “40% Dope/Neato”) in Rio de Janeiro in 2013 when they were in their late teens and early 20s respectively. Since then, there have been a few intervals of fluctuating label activity. But, in the last few years, 40% has been firing at a particularly inspired clip. A near monthly churn of minimally designed CD-R releases incorporating deep house a la Larry Heard and Theo Parrish; the smoother edges of ECM jazz; mid-90s video game scores; library music — but all shot through with an exuberance, a sense of humor and of course, the rich, iconic Brazilian jazz of Lo Borges, Hermeto Pascoal, and Milton Nascimento. With Gabriel and Lucas’s blessing, Indiana/Mexico-based label ULYSSA has collected some of their favorite 40% slices spanning its 8-year history. Please use this compilation as a jumping off point into their wonderful, kinetic catalogue.

ULYSSA is a young label and art project based in Bloomington, Indiana and San Miguel de Allende, Mexico.

Visit 40% Foda/Maneiríssimo's Bandcamp page:


released March 31, 2021


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