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ULYSSA Presents: Double Gee


The Holy Bible, Manga and big fat hoglegs.
From these fine ingredients, Johanessburg’s Double Gee is conjuring a fascinating new version of Christianity in his bold, uplifting trap.
And he’s skipping right to Revelations. Because, really, who wouldn’t? Jesus is coming. Seas are boiling with blood. The Whore of Babylon is riding in upon A Great Beast. It’s absolutely bonkers — and so too is the music of Double Gee.
“My friends showed me a documentary about the seven signs of the apocalypse,” said Gee, 26. “And it kind of scared me. Then, I decided to read Revelations. I was HOOKED.”
His music is thrilling, hypnotic, irreverent and up to its knees in God’s Wild & Tough Love.
And like Revelations itself, Double Gee’s message is clear: “Get Your Shit Together.”
That might well mean your fit, your art, your finances or, sure, your Eternal Spirit.
Sung in English; in his native Zulu; and other South African languages like Pedi, the songs are both big hearted and stern. They hold us to our highest human potential for joy. Mismatched shoes (“BBs & SBs”), the Manga series Noruto (“Iruka Sensei”), township jive (“Jaiva”) and binge drinking (“Zanka”) — these subjects become Taoist koans in Double Gee's lovingly croaked trap mantras.
Dank, minor chord synthesizers and joyous midi experimentation, Double Gee’s compositions are flamboyant — while also flaunting a disregard for modern pop sheen. Unexpected, ingenious layered rhythms that share as much DNA with Project Pat as they do Bunny Lee and influenced in turn by South African house like M’Du; American early-00s rap like Lil Wayne; and the Irish boyband Westlife, Double Gee music’s simply shows us a wild mind open to The Whole Wide World.
The tags into and out of each track become like digital prayers to begin and end a sermon from singular member of The Shoes Gang. Oh, if you must know, Gee’s penchant for mismatched shoes began during a time of deep depression for Double Gee. But when he saw the smiles his two different shoes brought it to the faces of others, he kept it going.
“I was glad they felt good,” Gee said. “This new spark in my life made people laugh.”
Here, on ‘ULYSSA Presents: Double Gee,” we’ve collected 16 cuts from this young legend, pulling from his myriad streaming releases. This primer is only intended to push you deeper into his astounding catalogue.
Please do Your Very Spirit a solid and enter The World of Double Gee. Sail on, sailor. 



released March 5, 2021


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