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<1​,​000: Hotdogging & Peacocking Vol. 1


At its current upload clip, Spotify adds an estimated 50,000,000 songs to its catalogue every three years. It would take one person 83 sleepless days of endless listening to aurally ingest just one 24-hour cycle of new Spotify uploads. The truth is that only a tiny percentage of those songs (we heard someone say 5%) are ever listened to by another human being. It’s as endless and frightening as the cosmos — nay, death itself. Yet, down in that deep, digital Mariana Trench, that void of unlistening, there are untold startling and curious treasures — irreverent, enigmatic creators; wild-eyed, impractical romantics; undiscovered jazz savants; or maybe just some regular folks who wrestled lightning into a bottle just once then forgot where they put it. They’re truly all legends to us. We howl their names and speak of them as demigods. We’ve gone deeper than most would dare — digital residue forever under our fingernails — and have pulled these gems from the depths on this collection. Please enjoy some hotdogging & peacocking. 19 new dear friends await you.


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