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TITLE: <1,000 Lifestyle
PRICE: $30

The algorithm doesn’t love you — we do. By popular demand, we are bringing our signature ULYSSA <1000 dad hat to the masses. Borrowed from our beloved Spotify’s cruel designation for songs unable to achieve some arbitrary amount of plays, <1000 has for all intents and purposes become our calling card, our gang sign, the flag under which we march. We bear it with pride. Using closely guarded trade secrets, we bypass the algorithm’s demonic banality to discover the songs and artists that go on to populate our inspiring and twisted <1000 Hotdogging & Peacocking series — and, of course, the fan favorite Toejazz collections. Often, these discoveries will have just two monthly listeners — both from our city. That’s the rarest of the rare, my friends. If you’re here first, you’re second. Now you can show your public support of our tireless efforts with this seemingly mundane dad hat. <1000 is a lifestyle.

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